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Virginia Credit Union Produces 'More' Stars

Jul 3, 2013 by Lewis Wood

Once again, VACU involves real members in its commercials

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Virginia Credit Union
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A print advertising piece using the “More Barbecues” theme from the Virginia Credit Union campaign featuring VACU members Kyle Howard and Laretta Singleton.

A print advertising piece using the “More Barbecues” theme from the Virginia Credit Union campaign featuring VACU members Kyle Howard and Laretta Singleton.

(Richmond, VA , June 28, 2013) -- Virginia Credit Union’s practice of using real members as actors in commercials continues with its newest campaign.

The 30-second commercials are built around the theme of “What Would You Do With More?”

“A little more money available each month, a little more time, a little more in savings -- these are the significant benefits of being a member of VACU,” explained Todd Feldman, Vice President of Marketing. “We wanted our commercials to demonstrate how more value comes with being a credit union member.”

The current commercials, which began running in the spring, return to the airwaves next week and will highlight home mortgages and auto loans. Virginia Credit Union worked with Elevation, a Richmond-based advertising agency, to produce the spots. The campaign continues through the end of 2013.

A few of the members that can be seen in the new commercials:

  • Stephanie Williams has been a member for just over a year. She is the mom in the commercial whose “son” plays a loud and off-key note on his trumpet. Her expressive face and comical line is “More Lessons!”  “I have always wanted to be in a commercial, so I came to the audition,” said the Eastern Henrico resident. “The commercial gave me an opportunity to represent VACU and to fulfill a dream of mine.”
  • Elisabeth Carlton has been a member of VACU for more than 20 years. She is seen in the commercials with a bag of groceries and saying “More Shopping.” Elisabeth, who lives in Richmond’s West End, enjoys the personal touch of banking with VACU. “The staff is friendly and helpful, and I feel like there are competitive financial options available.”
  • Bria Bradford-Johnson, 16, and Skye Hagood, 17, are VACU members who appear in the commercial. Both are experienced actresses who have been in numerous theater productions. Admiring a new car’s audio system, Bria, delivers the line, “More Bass.” Bria lives in South Richmond; Skye is from Midlothian.
  • Henrico County resident Kyle Howard has been a credit union member for 8 years. In the commercial, he is manning a grill and delivering the line, “More Barbecues.” Kyle said how much he enjoyed the process of making the commercial. “I really enjoyed being around the artists and meeting very interesting people. The entire experience was worth a Saturday.”
  • Marlon Gooden is a relatively new member of VACU. He is seen in the commercials carrying a couch into a home while another member says, “More Naps!” “The thing I appreciate most about being a member of VACU is I am extremely comfortable putting my money into a place that I feel is safe and secure. For me, that is priceless.” Marlon lives in the West End of Henrico County.
  • Donna Knicely is the grandmother pushing the adorable child on the swing in the commercials. Her line is “More Laughter,” and she delivered it many, many times while filming. “It’s hard to believe there are so many ways to say “More Laughter!”  A resident of Richmond’s West End, she lists being in the commercial as “one more thing off her bucket list.” She has been a member of VACU for more than 20 years.

“Since we’re member-owned, involving actual members in our commercials seemed like a natural way to reinforce how we are different,” said Feldman. The practice continues a trend the credit union began many years ago.

A member-owned financial cooperative with more than 225,000 members, Virginia Credit Union provides a variety of affordable banking services, loans and mortgages, checking and savings services, and financial education resources. Virginia Credit Union is an equal housing opportunity lender and is federally insured by NCUA. For more information, visit


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