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Quit The Hit Campaign Wins National Best-of-Show, Social Media Awards

May 22, 2014 by Lewis Wood

The Virginia Credit Union League's Quit The Hit social media campaign has taken top honors in the Credit Union National Association's Blockbuster Awards. The campaign won the competition's "Best of Show" and "Best Use of Social Media" awards.

Lewis Wood
Vice President of Public Relations and Communication
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The Virginia Credit Union League's Quit The Hit social media campaign has taken top honors in the Credit Union National Association's Blockbuster Awards. The campaign won the competition's "Best of Show" and "Best Use of Social Media" awards.

"Our credit unions are deservedly proud of this campaign. Quit The Hit was a bit unconventional in its approach, but our credit unions' commitment to funding and promoting the campaign continues to pay dividends more than a year after the campaign's launch," said Rick Pillow, president of the Virginia Credit Union League, the state trade association for Virginia's 166 member-owned credit unions.

More than 1 million consumers, mostly Virginians, learned more about credit unions and their benefits through the Quit The Hit awareness campaign created and funded by the commonwealth's not-for-profit, member-owned credit unions. 

Launched in April 2013, Quit The Hit was centered around a unique, humorous video shared through YouTube that encouraged viewers to visit the campaign's informational website at, where they learned more about credit unions and searched for a credit union they could join.

More than 66,000 consumers visited the informational website, via the video, and over 25,000 utilized the “search for a credit union” feature.

As part of the campaign, credit union and League staff manned a Quit The Hit photo booth at festivals and sporting events all across the commonwealth last Fall. Those events drew more than 250,000 people, further exposing potential members to the benefits of not-for-profit credit unions. Through the photo booth, more than 1,400 photos, each carrying a Quit The Hit tagline to further promote the campaign, were potentially shared through social media.

"The success of Quit The Hit was fueled by our credit unions' promotional efforts," said Nicole Widell, vice president of member services and marketing for the Virginia Credit Union League. "Credit unions heavily promoted the campaign through their own social media and marketing channels, which helped us reach our target demographic of young adults. We would not have been nearly as successful without the tremendous support of our credit unions."

Awareness of credit unions in Virginia was already high at 78 percent, according to research by the Virginia Credit Union League. But the Quit The Hit campaign successfully reduced the “fog” of uncertainty surrounding credit union membership, with fewer consumers now saying credit unions are not a viable financial services option.

Post-campaign research and tracking revealed that double the percentage of consumers (from 4% to 8%) now have lower rates and fees as “top of mind” when they think of credit unions. Following the campaign, more consumers (from 56% to 61%) said they want to find out additional information about credit unions and their benefits, according to independent research.

Virginia-based credit unions boast a total membership of more than 8.4 million, as of Dec. 31, 2013. However, only an estimated 3.25 million of that number reside in Virginia, owed to the number of Virginia-based credit unions, especially those primarily affiliated with the government and military, serving members nationwide, and in some cases, all over the globe.

CUNA's Blockbuster Awards will be presented in June in Washington, D.C. The Awards recognize the outstanding marketing, advertising and publication efforts of state leagues and league service corporations in promoting the credit union movement.

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