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Cabot Creamery Hosting Community Bike Tour in 2014; Credit Unions Invited to Participate in Stops in Virginia

Aug 7, 2013 by Lewis Wood

Focus will be on healthy communities, so lots of opportunities for credit unions to showcase their volunteerism, financial health, financial literacy, our partnership with CMN Hospitals, etc.

In 2012 Cabot Creamery held its first Community Tour, a two-month program that celebrated those who give their hearts, time and skills to strengthen communities. The tour traveled up the East Coast with event stops along the way celebrating cooperatives, community service and volunteerism. At the center of the tour were our sponsored cyclists, Myron and Cathy Skott, who biked the tour, following the East Coast Greenway and sharing this message in the communities they visited.      

Response to the 2012 tour was so was so overwhelmingly positive that Cabot has decided to do it again in 2014!! Our first item of business is to invite like-minded organizations to participate with us. 

Our theme this year, “Celebrating the Health of our Communities and Ourselves”, allows countless ways to celebrate the vitality of our communities: volunteers contribute to strong communities, as do healthy people promoting healthy activities. The only thing missing is you.  Are their events in your area that would provide ideal stopping points along our way? Be creative…tell us what a healthy community means to you and how we can help you celebrate it!

The 2014 Community Tour will last about 6-weeks and will again follow the East Coast Greenway. We targeting the late spring, early summer months, and are thrilled to announce that Myron and Kathy Skott have again agreed to be our sponsored riders. Also back for repeat performances are many of our partners including the East Coast Greenway, Marriott and AARP.

Virginia Tour Stops and Dates:

Please note that dates are estimated and have some flexibility within a small time frame. Final dates will be confirmed when proposals are accepted. All dates are 2014.

Hopewell, VA: June 6

Richmond, VA: June 7

Fredericksburg, VA: June 8

Woodbridge, VA: June 9

How to Participate:

Tell us what a healthy community means to you and how you’d like to celebrate it. Describe the event you’d like to plan.  Include the venue you have in mind and anticipated attendance. Stipends are available to support your event.  If you are requesting funding, please include how funds will be allocated in your request.  Most importantly, be creative and have fun!  Think outside the box or consider some of our suggestions below.  Take a look at the Tour website, for ideas from the 2012 Community Tour. 

Send your proposal by Sept. 9, 2013 to:
Michelle Silver
23 Timber Road
East Brunswick, NJ  08816

Event Ideas:

  • Identify an existing event that celebrates or contributes to a healthy community and join in.  Use the opportunity to spread the word about Credit Unions and their benefit to community. 
  • Implement a new event that supports your goals for the year…want to educate the community about the different cooperatives that exist and how they can participate and enjoy the benefits available?  Let us help you get started.
  • Organize your coworkers to participate in a community service project for the day.  Let us help you promote the event and honor and feed the volunteers.
  • If your focus is wellness, find a local 5K and participate in as an organization. Have some tables at the event and promote our joint and individual messaging.  We’ll supply Tour t-shirts!
  • Organize a team to bike with our cyclists as they ride in or out of town. If you have experienced cyclists we can connect you with our partners at the East Coast Greenway to form a team and ride several days with the tour, perhaps even through the entire state. Make it a fundraiser!!
  • Perhaps you’d rather keep it simply: greet our riders and hear about their journey when they arrive in town.  Host an after-hours Wine and Cheese or Happy Hour gathering. Use the opportunity to honor a group or individual you’d like to ‘call out’ for their contribution to the community. We love recognizing the unsung heroes among us.

We are also offering:

In addition to funding, let us further support your event:

  • Let us help feed your attendees. We are makers of the ‘World’s Best Cheddar’ and also have a delicious line of Greek yogurt.  We are happy to provide our products for your event.
  • Our national PR team is ready to help publicize your event.  Put your PR team in contact with ours or let us do the work for you…the choice is yours.
  • Depending on the event, Cabot staff may be available to attend, help out, or participate. 

We are extremely excited about the upcoming 2014 Community Tour and look forward to your proposals.  If you have any questions about the Tour or the submission process please contact Michelle Silver by phone at 732-257-8774 or e-mail:

Thank you,

The 2014 Cabot Community Tour Marketing Team 


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