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Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union Announces Staff Promotions

Oct 21, 2013 by Lewis Wood

Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union Announces Staff Promotions: Audrey Ramsey has been appointed member lending specialist; Sarah Taylor has been named marketing assistant. 

Diana Counts, CCUFC
Vice President Marketing
Certified Financial Counselor
757.502.7004 fax

Beach Municipal - Audrey Ramsey

Audrey Ramsey

Beach Municipal - Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce the following promotions:

Audrey Ramsey, who has been with the Credit Union for 22 years, was recently appointed Member Lending Specialist. “This new position is designed to help our members save as much money as possible thereby putting them in a better financial situation,” says Ramsey, who served as a branch manager for 12 years before advancing to her new position.

Sarah Taylor, a 2008 graduate of William and Mary, has been appointed Marketing Assistant. Taylor, who has been with the credit union for five years, specializes in financial education. She is a Certified Financial Counselor and is heavily involved with Bank On Virginia Beach, a nationally recognized financial education program that is offered in conjunction with the City of Virginia Beach.


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