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CURRENT Exchange | 18 October 2013

Oct 18, 2013 by Cathy Baldwin

News and Information for Member Credit Unions

MAILING DATE: October 18, 2013

Enclosed are links to items featured in your League's most recent information mailing to credit unions.
Please ensure the appropriate staff at your credit union is aware of these important events and news items, and let them know this information is available to them at anytime at this URL:


Front Line Fraud Conference

Join us October 30 for the Front Line Fraud Conference with sessions that will include passwords; false identification, counterfeiting and frauds; how to “talk” to members; and educating staff on when to report suspected fraud and suspicious activity. Also included will be a bonus session to cover Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR). Certificates will be provided to cover your annual BSA training requirements. Register by October 18 to receive the early-bird discount rate of $164 per person! Go to to register.

(pdf, 797kb)
Employment Referral Service

Advertise your available positions in our Employment Referral Service, a great way to help you recruit quality credit union staff. This is a free service for affiliated credit unions.

(pdf, 145kb)
Web page
Thanksgiving Closing Signs

We have enclosed complimentary Thanksgiving closing signs.

(pdf, 194kb)
Web page
Upcoming Webinars

Don’t miss our upcoming webinars:

  • Health Care Reform: Update, Deadlines, Impact
  • Dealing with Adverse Action: What to Do & When to Do It
  • HMDA Solutions: Achieving Data Integrity for Effective Fair Lending Analysis
  • Critical Risk Factors in Loan Portfolio Management
  • Simplifying the Compliance Function: Tools, Checklists & Reporting to Keep You on Track

For more information and to register, visit our web site at


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