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League Committees

Your League has a number of standing committees, comprised of credit union professionals and volunteer officials, who donate their time and talents to the advancement of the League and Virginia's credit union system.

Auditing Committee

Purpose: To determine the scope of the audit to be made, receive the report from the accounting firm, engage in such other audit procedures or practices they deem necessary, and report to the Board of Directors and membership.

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Budget and Dues Committee

Purpose: To prepare a recommended budget for the Board of Directors and propose a dues schedule to support the budget.

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Bylaws Committee

Purpose: To receive suggested bylaw changes from the Board of Directors and membership, to put such changes in the proper legal form, and present them to the membership at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

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Community Involvement Committee

(Standing Committee of the Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia)
Purpose: To explore ways to increase credit union commitment to and involvement with socially responsible activities and programs and make such recommendations as the committee feels appropriate to the Board of Directors.

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Credentials/Elections Committee

Purpose: To develop, in accordance with such guidelines as may be established by the Secretary of your Virginia Credit Union League, procedures for recording attendance at the Annual Meeting and for the certification and seating of delegates and guests in attendance. The Credentials/Elections Committee may also serve as tellers in the event of any vote by delegates in attendance.

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Credit Union Marketing & Business Development Council of Virginia

Purpose: To provide educational, peer mentoring and networking opportunities to credit unions’ marketing, business development and communications professionals.

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Financial Education Committee

(Standing Committee of the Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia)
Purpose: To develop the strategies necessary to coordinate a statewide Credit Union Financial Education Program for elementary, middle, and high school students in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The emphasis will be on the schools and credit unions developing a partnership in conjunction with financial education business partners.

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Governmental Affairs Committee

Purpose: To protect, preserve, and improve the laws governing credit unions, to conduct legislative forums, to disseminate legislative information at chapter meetings, to be responsible for contacting credit unions in each chapter area to generate legislator contact when requested to do so by the League, to determine the legislative needs of credit unions, to increase awareness and support for political activity, and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Virginia Credit Union League.

The Governmental Affairs Committee also coordinates the work of three Sub-Committees, each overseeing a specific area of our legislative and regulatory work:

  • Fundraising - Responsible for promoting interest in and contributions to the Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee
  • Grassroots - Works to create grassroots political engagement among credit union members, staff and volunteer officials
  • Regulatory Affairs - Monitors the regulatory environment with particular focus on proposed new regulations and changes to existing regulations for their potential impact on credit unions.

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Resolutions Committee

Purpose: To receive, originate and propose resolutions for adoption by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

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Young Professionals Committee

Purpose: To attract, develop and retain young talent within Virginia's credit union system by connecting, empowering and engaging young professionals. Click here to find out more!

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