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Emerging CUs CEO Roundtable

Date: June 12, 2013

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Resource FCU, 6620 West Broad Street, Bldg 2 (Genworth Complex), Richmond, VA 23230

A special event for CEOs of Credit Unions with assets less than 40 million. 

Reasons to attend:

  • No Cost to attend
  • Exploring challenges facing small credit unions
  • Getting fresh new perspectives
  • Lunch provided by VACUL

What to Expect? 

Are you interested in mighty big success?
You might be small, but you are also mighty. Olivier Raoust+Partner

Look at other financial institutions in your area, those that compete for your members' time and attention. Most likely, it's a huge mega bank or two and other, larger credit unions. What to do? We will discuss: Telling Your Truth and Seeing What Happens, The Fabric of Your Brand Position, What Are You Doing to Actually Engage Your Members?, Competition: Credit Unions, Banks and Non Banks, Role of Innovation

11:30 -12:00
Discussion of the Free Marketing University available to Small Credit Unions
Nicole Widell/Dawn Lindley, VACUL


Network Invoices
David Deacon, VACUL

Networking/Group discussion
Bring concerns/questions to discuss with peers