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Your League's work is aided by 9 geographic chapters with specific responsibilities as prescribed in the League Bylaws. Some of the Chapters were formed early in your League's history - the 1940s in some cases - to serve as communication and support channels.

Today the Chapters are responsible for the following activities in each given geographic area:

  • Coordinating governmental affairs and grassroots political action efforts
  • Organizing community involvement, including charitable giving
  • Providing education and professional development opportunities for local credit unions
  • Establishing and providing networking opportunities

Map of the Current Chapters

VACUL Chapter Map
Central Virginia Chapter Richmond Chapter
Hampton Roads Chapter Roanoke Valley Chapter
Lynchburg Area Southside Chapter
Northern Virginia Chapter Southwestern Virginia Chapter
Piedmont Chapter Tidewater Chapter

Central Virginia Chapter

Central Virginia Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Hampton Roads Chapter

Hampton Roads Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Lynchburg Area

Lynchburg Area - News, Notes & Events

NoVa Chapter

Northern Virginia Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Piedmont Chapter

Piedmont Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Richmond Chapter

Richmond - News, Notes & Events

Roanoke Valley Chapter

Roanoke Valley Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Southside Chapter

Southside Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Southwestern Virginia Chapter

Southwestern Virginia Chapter - News, Notes & Events

Tidewater Chapter

Tidewater Chapter - News, Notes & Events