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Key Stats for Virginia-Based Credit Unions

Virginia's credit union system is rich in diversity and history. The commonwealth is home to some the nation's largest credit unions with billions of dollars in assets, but it also boasts tiny credit unions with assets of tens of thousands of dollars.

The League also remains a strong proponent of charter choice for credit unions, believing that credit unions and their members benefit from the ability to choose either a federal or state charter, or to pursue a field-of-membership that best suits the business and service needs of the credit union and its members.

Key Statistics: (As of December 2014)

Number of Credit Unions 156
Total Assets $109.5 Billion
Total Loans $80.2 Billion
Total Savings $81.91 Billion
Total Members*
(Includes members residing out-of-state; in-state membership estimated at 3.25 million) 
9.1 Million
Federally Chartered Credit Unions (Percentage with Single-Sponsor) 14.7%
Federally Chartered Credit Unions (Percentage with Multiple Common Bonds/Other Field-of-Membership) 41.7%
Federally Chartered Credit Unions (Percentage with a Community-Based Charter) 18.6%
State Chartered Credit Unions (Total Percentage, which includes Community Charters,
Single Common Bond and Multiple Common Bond)
Number of Full-Time Employees 18,330
Number of Part-Time Employees 1,828
Employee Compensation and Benefits $1.07 Billion
Total Number of Branch Offices (includes offices outside Virginia) 809

Credit Union Profile

The League twice annually publishes the Credit Union Profile, which offers a summary of the trends and statistics driving Virginia-based credit unions, along with the milestones reached by our credit unions.